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Anne Hathaway Lims
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Welcome to hathaway_lims, a Anne Hathaway last icon maker standing challenge. This community was created for all the makers who like the actress Anne Hathaway!
layout of the community made by refuted
Winner session 1: t00tsy
Winner session 2: cherry_kiss_red, header, icon and infobanner also were made by cherry_kiss_red

title #2


1) Please join the community and sign up before the beginning of the challenge.
2)Every round you'll have to vote for icon which has the best quality and the worth quality.
3)The icon with the most negative votes will be eliminated.
4)When you vote for the icons you should explain why you vote for it.
5)Every participant will have ONE skip, skips are not allowded in the first round.You can get your extra skip by promoting this community.
6)All icons should be new and never posted before.
7)Participants may not vote for themselves. When it comes down to a just a few participants remaining, participants will no longer be allowed to vote at all.
8)You can invite your friends to join and vote, but you are not allowed to tell them which icon is yours.
9)You must use the pictures provided for each round to make your icon (if not differently stated). Brushes, textures, text are allowed. Blending and animations are not allowed.
10)Finally, please do not delete your icons from their servers until you either win or are disqualified.


♥ SUNDAY A new round goes up - Pictures are posted.
♥ THURSDAY No more icons accepted - Voting goes up.
♥ SATURDAY Voting ends - Winners are announced.

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Social capital

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